2024 Workshops

Saturday, March 9, 2024

One-Day workshop with Sue Primeau

How to Salvage a Painting

Members $95
Non-members $125

Whispering Pines Park
9 am – 4 pm

Please bring your lunch, a snack and beverage

Sue’s workshops are always a favorite. We all ask that age-old question: “Is it done yet?” She will provide constructive individual help for participating artists on paintings they want to work on. She will guide each participant with suggestions about directions to take, including how to add elements of collage.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

One-Day workshop with Mindy Lighthipe

Working with a limited 3 color palette

Members $95
Non-members $130
Whispering Pines Park
9am -4pm

Please bring your lunch, snack and beverage

In this one day workshop, Mindy Lighthipe will take you through working with a limited palette. This will demystify and break down color to achieve harmony and a true understanding of how color works. Explore the huge diversity of colors possible using just a three color palette.

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