Sue Primeau demo and workshop

There is always something new to learn, especially when it comes to our watercolor art. Who hasn’t looked at a finished (?) painting and said it needs something. But what? Sometimes it goes in the closet or under the bed, only to be pulled out periodically and mused over. Sue Primeau has a plethora of ideas of how to revisit those oldies but goodies and put some life in them. Maybe it’s cutting out the best parts and reusing them on a new work, or lifting out problem areas, or darkening others, or using watercolor ground to work over a whole area with something new. You could see the lightbulbs going off as the audience soaked up her many ideas. A number of lucky people had the foresight to sign up for her one-day workshop to hear more. Congratulations to our artists of the month. CJ Westrick and Jeanneine Cole who were voted first and second place.

Spring Art Show at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park- March 2023

We had another successful show at the Homosassa wildlife park. Attendance was good and we had a great response from our participating members. Congratulations to our winning artists.