Let's Paint!

AUGUST 12, 2022
Meeting and Demonstration by SusanJane Donohoe


Artist Statement / Bio
Where I come from:
I call both the Twin Cities, MN. and San Francisco, CA. my hometowns, having spent half my life in each Metro Area.  Today however I call Florida my home.

My Career:

My careers in sales, counseling and as an award-winning Kitchen & Bath Designer, demanded that I understand the human psyche in order to satisfy the needs of my clients.  I use that same ability now to interpret my subjects in watercolor.  I find it mesmerizing to watch the vibrant pigments mingle on the paper, as the liquid travels across the shapes that it is bringing to life.  

My Painting Process:
My paintings include whimsical creations that make one smile, compositions that comment on the issues of today’s world, and others that are simply recording the beauty that surrounds us. 

My paintings tell a story.  I try to infuse my characters with a personality that draws the viewer into the story being told.  
My work is the culmination of all that went before.  It is the “me” that I am sharing with you.

“SusanJane” Donohoe

AUGUST 13, 2022

One-Day Workshop with SusanJane Donohoe
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Members’ Annual Show & Tell and Founder’s Day Award

Chuck Chesnul – 2021 AWARD – “Dora’s Flowers”

OCTOBER 14, 2022
Meeting and Demonstration by Peg Lefebvre

“Incorporating Figures in Watercolors”

“Red Sneakers”

Color, Dimensionality & Narrative

Brilliant colors are what originally attracted me to watercolor painting. Dad introduced me to the medium at the kitchen table when I was 6 years old. That love of vibrant color is a cornerstone of my work to this day.

Sculpting convincing images on a two-dimensional surface is another primary pursuit of my work.  Much of my bachelors study was in three-dimensional art. Re-immersing myself in 3-D and mentally seeing the subject in the round helps guide my brush to form sculptural images. One challenge is to avoid sacrificing the vibrancy of the color in the quest of modeling a form.

Recently my work is driven toward telling the story that I see/feel/imagine in a particular subject. I strive to communicate what I found to be important about the person or event. It is exhilarating when a viewer comments on the subject’s personality or occupation, involving themselves in the story that I narrated through paint.

I hope that you enjoy my work and would love to hear your comments.

Peggy A. Lefebvre

NOVEMBER 11, 2022
Meeting and Demonstration by Sue Primeau

“Watercolor Collage – How to Resuscitate a Painting

Sue refers to her work as abstract reality.  She is passionate about the world in which we live and the beauty that surrounds our everyday life.  It is this readily available subject where she finds her inspiration.  Being that she works primarily in watercolor, a medium she prefers not to control, she often begins by letting the shapes and colors occur spontaneously with little or no guidance.  Sue then studies the resulting image to determine
how she will  develop the painting.  

Sue’s originals, giclées, and prints sell largely by word of mouth and she’s been commissioned for a number of private paintings.  Sue exhibits at various juried and non-juried art shows where she has received numerous awards and honors.  She’s been licensed on greeting cards and a number of her works and some lessons are published in how-to watercolor books by internationally known artist Karlyn Holman.  

Aside from painting Sue loves to teach watercolor and takes great joy in helping others realize their innate artistic and creative talents.  The questions and challenges of her students drive Sue to explore her own work from many different perspectives.

DECEMBER 9, 2022
Holiday Luncheon and Demonstration by Tom Jones

“Creating Colorful Loose Watercolors”

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DECEMBER 10-11, 2022
Two-Day Workshop
with Tom Jones

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JANUARY 13, 2023
Meeting and Demonstration by Lionel Sanchez

“Rural Landscapes and Marine subjects”

Dry Docked

JANUARY 14-15, 2023
Two-Day Workshop
with Lionel Sanchez

“Rural Landscapes and Marine subjects”

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FEBRUARY 10, 2023
Meeting and Demonstration by Bev Yankwitt

Watercolor Abstracts

Although I have enjoyed making art as long as I can remember, I didn’t have time for it until my children were grown and I was able to retire.  I started by taking classes at the Visual Art Center and at Red Hat Studio.  I now spend most of my free time painting and teaching abstract art. I am a member of Sea Grape Gallery, the Visual Art Center of Punta Gorda, Art Center Sarasota, the Florida Watercolor Society, and the Southern Watercolor Society. I am a Signature member of the National Watercolor Society, the International Society of Experimental Artists and the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society. I am a past president of the Board of Directors for the Arts and Humanities Council of Charlotte County and am currently on the Board of Directors for the Visual Art Center of Punta Gorda and President of the Florida Watercolor Society. My art has been accepted into many prestigious juried shows including the National Art Show at the Visual Art Center, the International Society of Experimental Artists’, the Florida Watercolor Society annual exhibitions, the Southern Watercolor Society annual exhibition, National Watercolor Society annual exhibition and Art Basal in Miami. I have won many awards for my work including an award in the Florida Watercolor Society Exhibit, the Southern Watercolor Society Exhibition and an Honorable Mention at the Suncoast Watercolor juried show.  

I work in acrylics and mixed media.  I do representational pieces but my real love is abstract art.  I believe it is the most unique, original expression an artist can render.

You can see my work at Sea Grape Gallery in Punta Gorda and follow me on Instagram and FaceBook.

FEBRUARY 11-12, 2023
Two-Day Workshop
with Bev Yankwitt

Watercolor Abstracts

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MARCH 10, 2023
Meeting and Demonstration by Darla Goldberg

“Using Brusho in Watercolors”

Darla Goldberg -Bright Tiger

Darla is originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. There she had a private practice as an Ocularist. Making and fitting artificial eyes. As each eye, or prosthesis, is handmade and hand painted Ocularistry  takes a lot of artistic skill. This along with the required medical  knowledge makes this a challenging profession. Darla Retired to Florida in 2007. Retirement giving an opportunity  to pursue other artistic interests. “When I moved to Florida I had no experience painting in watercolors. Friends invited me to try the Watercolor Club and I decided to check  it out. The diversity, vibrance and beauty of the paintings I saw  really surprised me. I joined that first meeting and never looked back.” Since then Darla has taken many, many classes and workshops. She  developed the habit of painting and drawing every day. As a result  she has won numerous local awards and best in shows, including our own Homosassa show. Darla has become a generous and enthusiastic teacher. Her students  benefit from her diverse background and serious dedication to  teaching skills that they can use to be successful.

MARCH 11, 2023
One-Day Workshop
with Darla Goldberg

“Using Brusho in Watercolors”

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APRIL 14, 2023
Meeting and Demonstration TBA

MAY 12, 2023
Spring Luncheon, Installation of Officers and Demonstration TBA

JUNE 2023
Paint Around

Watch paintings come together through the eyes of several artists as they pass from one to the other in timed sessions. Entertaining and inspiring to watch these masters of the medium at work. Paintings are raffled at the end of the event!