Spring Luncheon and New Officers

Press Release by Dori Sullivan
May 2024
Citrus County Chronicle

Citrus Watercolor Society Plans Spring Luncheon and Installation of Officers

This month the members of Citrus Watercolor Society are celebrating the start of our calendar year. Our dues are being paid and the schedule of activities and workshops is lined up thru the end of 2024 and into 2025. Most importantly is the installation of our Board of Directors on Friday May 10th at our annual Spring Luncheon. We (especially me) are thrilled with the fact that our 2023-24 Board members have all signed on for another year! The board has been a super supportive team and we’re so excited about the coming months. Apparently so is our membership – we were all voted in unanimously! 

Our 2024-25 CWS Board includes Angela McMurray; Facilities, Gingi Martin; Corresponding Secretary, Deborah Newman; Recording Secretary, Aileen Croly; Treasurer, Jan Kuukari; Second Vice President and Membership, Signian Mcgeary; First Vice President and Programs; and Dori Sullivan; President. The luncheon gala will be held at the Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club. There may still be spaces left and if you can join us, contact Jan Kuukari at [email protected].

We’ve invited artist Jackii Molsick to present a demonstration for our luncheon guests. Jackii will show us how to use watercolors on masa papers creating unique results. As a well-known Florida artist and instructor, Jackii served as President of the Florida Watercolor Society in 2023 and we’re delighted she found the time to show us the “how to” of painting on a different base.

Summer is now showing its sunny face and many of our members and friends are taking vacations or traveling to their homes “up North”. We want to wish you safe travels but have a thought we’d like to send with you. Along the routes from Florida across our country there are some exciting art museums and galleries. I’ve been fortunate to have visited many and urge you to take a break and visit those special places in the big cities or the galleries in the smaller towns along your way. I can’t think of a better “break” than to get off the busy main highways and visit a gallery or museum. Take a bit of time to immerse the artist in you into the beautiful art created by the Masters or local artists like you and me.

When visiting St. Louis a couple of years ago I was stunned by the magnificent exhibit of Monet paintings at their wonderful art museum. You come out of the time spent contemplating the paintings both refreshed and inspired. Off the beaten path is always an adventure and thru your eyes, who knows what wonders you’ll see to paint when you reach your destination. Don’t forget your sketch book!

Citrus Watercolor Society welcomes new water medium painters as well as long time artists. Guests are always welcome to view the demonstrations (we ask a $5 donation). We meet once a month on the second Friday in the Fellowship Hall of the First Christian Church, 2018 Colonade Street in Inverness. Our workshops are held at Whispering Pines Park, in Inverness. Annual dues are $35 that entitles you to free demos and significant discounts on our workshops and all our other activities. We have a website that keeps our members informed. Check it out: www.citruswatercolorsociety.org . Come and see what we’re all about.