President’s Message


Welcome to the start of this year’s watercolor program, starting August 12th.
SusanJane Donohoe will demonstrate her techniques on expressing texture with
watercolors. Please join us!

I confess I’ve had to ‘plan painting’ into my schedule because of such a busy summer. But now is the time to be working on some pieces to show us at our meetings this fall. That’s what we are all about! There are some exciting opportunities coming up. Also, if you have any questions or issues, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

First, SusanJane Donohoe will be demonstrating her textures techniques August 12th, as well as in her workshop, August 13th. Spaces are still available! (contact Susan Strawbridge: ).

Second, the Florida Watercolor Society will have its annual convention on the weekend of September 23-25th in Punta Gorda, Florida’s Charlotte Harbor Event Center. It’s an amazing extravaganza, a major event! Who would like to come??

Third, plan on attending the art show, Inverness Festival of the Arts, in downtown Inverness, November 19-20th.. Our CWS booth will be there, providing you an opportunity to show your work!

So much to take in! What I need now is some quiet time with my brushes, paints and an inspiring subject close to my heart ! ☺

See you August 12th!
Marjorie Bannish, President
Citrus Watercolor Society