President’s Message

MAY 2022

It has been my pleasure to serve as president of the Citrus Watercolor Society for the past two years.  There have been many challenges, specifically the covid pandemic.  We endured months without meetings and more importantly without the companionship of our fellow artists.

But we got through it and the CWS is still here for all of us.  Our officers and volunteers were so faithful and continued taking care of their many responsibilities that still needed to be done even without meetings.

I feel very positive about the future of our wonderful group. 

Keep smiling!  Keep painting!

God bless!

Darla Goldberg

APRIL 2022

Art expression springs from one’s soul.  Whatever the medium, the process requires the artist to be willing to share their vision and their work with others. We never know what journey our artwork will take. Who will be touched and inspired?   What memories are kept alive?  What a treasure our efforts can be!

The CWS will be having our Annual Spring Luncheon on May 13th.  This is when we welcome new and returning officers and board members. The Citrus Watercolor society relies on these volunteers to keep us up and running. I wish to say, Thank you to our outstanding  volunteers, for all that you do!  Please join us at this wonderful event and get to know everyone!  

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart. ” Vincent Van Gogh

Darla Goldberg, CWS President

MARCH 2022

Greetings everyone!  February’s artist, Kathy Durdin, provided a great learning experience at the meeting and at the workshop.  Thanks to Susan Strawbridge who thoughtfully arranges for all our demos and workshops. 

The CWS meetings and workshops provide wonderful opportunities to enjoy and share this  magical watercolor medium.  Just being around other artists is so inspiring! 

Be sure to join us for our March 11th meeting.  Our Artist for the demonstration and workshop is Lionel Sanchez. Check out the details on this website.

And finally, It’s time to elect new officers for our club.  Please help us keep the CWS alive and well!  Volunteering is priceless! The rewards that volunteering brings to you are so worth it!

Thank you  to all of our present and future volunteers – and to all our members.

Happy Spring!

Darla Goldberg
CWS President


Well my fellow artists, happy Febrrrruary!

Hope you are all staying safe and warm.

It was so disappointing to have to cancel our January meeting and workshop.  But it looks good for February.  The CWS is fortunate to be welcoming Kathy Durdin as our demonstrating artist.  Followed by a 2 day workshop with her on Saturday and Sunday.

This will be an extraordinary workshop.  This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your fellow artists.  Treat yourself and join us!

Workshops are an important part of what our club offers to our members.  Our members attendance to these workshops plays a big part in keeping the CWS in the black.

Grab your warm woolen undies and hook up the sled dogs and we will see you on February 11th!

Darla Goldberg
CWS President


The Holidays this year are certainly a mixed bag of emotions.  So many people across our country have suffered devastating losses. 

Within our own community, and our own CWS family, there have been heartbreaking losses.  Perhaps there is someone on your mind who would be grateful to hear from you.  Don’t put it off – call or visit them as soon as you can!

Let’s make 2022 the year of compassion.  Be a blessing to someone who needs a kind word or smile. 

The CWS has had smaller attendance since we started meeting again.  Some may be cautious about crowds or maybe just out of the habit.  In any case…WE MISS YOU!

Our Friday, January 14th meeting will have artist Frank Zampardi as the demonstrator, followed by a one-day workshop, Saturday January 15, at the Whispering Pines Park. This should be a wonderful workshop and a great way to reconnect with your friends and your creative spirit!  I’m excited to be taking this workshop myself. Hope you will join us!

I would like to send a special thank you to our members who have stepped up and donated their time and efforts to insure we will all be enjoying the CWS in the future!  Much was done without fanfare or notice.  This group is truly a treasure!

I want to wish each of you a Happy, Peaceful and Blessed New Year.

Darla Goldberg
CWS President


This month brings the end of a year and the promise of a new year coming!  There’s no two ways about it, this has been a TOUGH year for everyone.  I believe that the worst part is the isolation and breakdown of familiar activities and social events. People need people! 

We also need to keep busy.   What you do is less important than just doing it!  Call a friend, get a new book, doodle, walk, sit in the back yard and listen to the squirrels!  Most especially,  please consider doing some volunteering.   Our wonderful club would not exist if we didn’t have our amazing volunteers!

The Inverness Art Festival was really fun!  Our promotional tent was a huge success!  Thank you to Kim Shields for arranging everything.  Also thanks to Art Estrella who made sure the tent was up and then taken down and stored. The CWS was well represented by our volunteers – Thank you everyone who helped to make this a success!

I hope and pray 2022 is a kinder year. May each of you be blessed with health and love!

Darla Goldberg
CWS President


November is just a great month!  We’ve paid off all the witches and zombies with candy so now we can relax and look forward to Thanksgiving.  I think  Thanksgiving is sometimes underrated.  With the retailer’s racing to make their profits from Christmas sales, Thanksgiving can be almost forgotten. 

I hope each of you finds many reasons to pause and be thankful.  Personally I am incredibly thankful for the doctors who worked on my eye, and saved my sight. Also grateful to my friends and family for their prayers and support.

I would like to encourage each of you to have regular eye exams.  Our vision is so precious and needs to be protected!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at our November 12th meeting. Don’t forget to bring a painting for the painting of the month!  We all want to see your amazing work!

Happy Autumn,
Darla Goldberg


Boy Oh Boy!  This is my favorite time of year! The colors, the smell of the air, the lower humidity!  Perfect weather for plein air or just walking with your camera at the ready. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as we head into the holiday season.  Our little club is in the process of recovering from so many months of not having meetings. I hope as we return, our members will be open to some volunteering.  Let’s  keep our club fun and vibrant!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at our meeting on October 8th.. Our demonstrating artist, Marilyn Johansen, is dynamic and entertaining. There are still some spots left for you to participate in her two-day workshop on Saturday and Sunday, October 9-10.  I’ll be taking the workshop myself, and I’m very excited about it! I hope you can join us.

Happy Autumn to everyone

 May there be lots of pumpkin pie and cider in your future.

Darla Goldberg


WOW what a great meeting in  August!  I certainly enjoyed seeing everyone – and I hope everyone had an enjoyable afternoon!

Thank you to the members of your CWS board for all their time and work.

Special kudos to Aileen Croly our faithful treasurer.  She has kept our club’s finances straight all through the past months.  Aileen was such a help with our August meeting, ordering and picking up the special treats that the club provided.

 Peggy Lefebvre did a fantastic job selling the raffle and 50/50 tickets!

Much appreciation to our dear friend Tom Jones who donated an original painting for the raffle.   Thanks to Kris Cranford and Jeri Snedecor who handle the snacks for our monthly meetings.  Please help out when they pass the sign up sheet to bring something for the group.

Special thanks also goes out to Susan Strawbridge.  She has worked tirelessly to arrange (and rearrange when necessary)  our visiting guest artists.  She also arranged the online classes.  The online classes were enjoyed by many of our members and even some non-members.

A really big thank you to Art Estrella…I do believe this man runs on Energizer Bunny batteries!  Not only does he  handle our electronics he is always ready to give a hand wherever needed.

Thank you to Helene and Ron Lancaster for taking on the job of membership.  We know this dynamic duo will do a great job!

So, are you one of the people who thinks our website is done by artist elves? 

Surprise!  We have something even better!  We have Barbara “magical” Fife.  Our website has been skillfully handled by her for years.  But, just last month the whole thing got shut down – YIKES! – But Barbara went to work and got a new carrier without losing any info!  We now have a better website with lots more memory!  Our hats are off to you Barb! LOL

I hope you will join us for our September meeting!  We are having “Show & tell”.  Share with the group your triumphs and struggles.

Then vote for your favorite to win the CWS Founder’s Day award!

Happy creating!

Darla Goldberg 


I’m so excited about our return to CWS monthly meetings! 

The August meeting is set for Friday August 13th. Check out all the details on the Calendar page

I have come to believe that artists are the best people in the world!

 Artists are willing to experiment and explore. They are empathetic and willing to share ideas and discoveries. When you meet another artist there is an immediate connection and almost always a smile. An artist’s skill level is irrelevant, passion is the measure!

Messy? Unique priorities? Complete focus that makes time fly by “Oh no, you missed your appointment!” ? 

Yep, but you can’t find a better friend than a wacky, playful, big hearted artist!

Our little club celebrates the artist in us. Thank you to all of our members for joining the CWS. 
And special thanks to our members who have served as volunteers. If you have never volunteered, please consider being a volunteer. It’s the best way to insure our wonderful little club thrives!

Happy creating!

Darla Goldberg 

JULY 2021

The August meeting of the CWS will be so much fun! 
The party starts at 11:30 am 
Friday August 13th.

This meeting will include door prizes, a fifty/fifty drawing and a raffle to win one of two original Tom Jones paintings!  The club is also providing special snacks, treats and beverages.

We are especially excited to be giving members a chance to  sell your extra, unused art supplies!  This is something that has been requested over and over.
We will have tables set up for members to sell.  We will also have a table for “free stuff” for those things you just want to give away.  Arrive a little early if you want time to set up your items.
Each member will be responsible for handling their own sales, making change etc.  Any items left at the end of the meeting must be taken back home! 
We are asking that 20% of all profits be donated to the club. 
brushes – paint – books – paper/yupo etc. – easels – mat board – water base media supplies
frames – paintings – prints – furniture – oil paint and oil supplies – clothing
Members are encouraged to be prepared to renew their membership. A link to download the membership form is a the end of this email…

Please remember to return any library books.
Don’t forget your nametag.
Guests are always welcome.

Anyone not vaccinated is requested to wear a mask.  Thank you.
Darla Goldberg 

JUNE 2021

Glub…. glub… glub…
that’s Manatee for “is it going to rain again today?”

As watercolor artists we know how important water is to our artform. As humans we know how important clean water is to our every day lives. As artists we love the look of water; whether a droplet on a petal or an ocean surging and sparkling or a reflective puddle. What a miracle water is!

August 2021 will be the return of meetings with the CWS. I’m so excited! It will be so great to see everyone again! With this in mind we have organized a special program to let our members have time to catch up and have some fun.
Details are on the website.

I hope everyone has a good Summer!

Best thoughts, 

Darla Goldberg 
President, CWS

MAY 2021

Color! Color! Color!  May brings us such rich colors!  

Makes me want to pull out my pallet and make big puddles of yummy colors then splash it on the paper, yeah, just splash it all over!  Then stand back and let it speak to you.  Get out the pencils, pens, stamps, inks, pastels and bring it to life!  This much fun should be illegal!  LOL!!!

Speaking of fun, mark your calendars for our exciting return to monthly meetings in August.  We are planning a fun meeting with door prizes, yummy snacks and treats and a 50/50 drawing.  Then add in a give -away of a Tom Jones painting, how great is that?

Excited yet?  How about an artist’s sale and give away opportunity?  We all have supplies that we aren’t using anymore.  Bring along any of the art supplies you want to sell or just give away.  

Tables will be ready, you are responsible for your own items.

We are asking for a 20% donation to CWS from any profits you make.  

No paintings, prints, cards or things like that.  This is strictly for paint, painting mediums, brushes, drawing supplies, paper, easels, pallets etc.

Wishing everyone happy summer days!
Darla Goldberg 
President  CWS

APRIL 2021

MARCH 2021

March is such a crazy month!  It is winter one day and spring the next.  With grey days when everything is shades of umber and sepia; then brilliant days with pink red bud tree blossoms set against a cerulean sky.  It’s a feast for the eyes and soul!

I hope March finds all of our CWS members healthy and happy.  With spring comes the desire to just get out and enjoy the day.  We are so fortunate in Citrus County to have places to go that are outdoors where we can easily avoid crowds.

Rainbow springs comes to mind, especially now that the azaleas are in bloom!  But there are so many parks and trails to choose from.  Don’t forget to take your camera and a sketch book!  

I am so hopeful now that the vaccines are becoming more available.  It will be so great to begin having our meetings again.  I really miss all of you!  How fortunate we are to have the CWS!  I hope everyone will be well rested (or really bored?) and ready to get things going when we resume!  

Speaking of volunteers,  I am totally blown away by the capabilities and talent of our board and other volunteers.  Thank you so much for generously giving your time and talents to our club.  

Please note the upcoming online workshop with Jerome Chesley.  It should be a really good one!  If you are unsure about accessing this, look at the instructions on our website.  It seems daunting at first but it’s pretty easy, and you get bragging rights that you made it happen! 

Happy Spring Everyone! 
Darla  Goldberg 


February is such a crazy month!  Spring like weather for us and deep winter for those up north.  Here in Florida the opportunities for getting out and enjoying the weather and nature’s beauty are so great this time of year.

We can safely enjoy the many parks and trails that are in our area.  Whether we are painting, sketching, photographing or just soaking up the natural beauty – now is the perfect time!

I am so proud of how the CWS has been continuing to encourage and support our membership.  But, I have to say, I can’t wait to see everyone  when we can resume our meetings.  Until then, Please continue to check out our website.  Please continue to share photos of your paintings.

We are still in need of someone to take on the “bag lady” (or “bag fella”) position.  It has been a real help to our members to be able to order whatever size and quantity of bags needed for their paintings.  It saves time and postage and the hassle of ordering for yourself.  This is the perfect opportunity to do something for the club that is easy but makes a big difference! 

Finally, I  just want to say that I wish you all a Happy and Healthy Spring!

Darla Goldberg 



We are all saying it with hope in our hearts for a good new year.  New Years seems to be a time to look forward, but also to contemplate the past. But, I have come to believe that though these things are good, it is even better to live in the present. Considering the little moments of each day with gratitude. 

I am most thankful for our little watercolor club!  Each member is an important part of the CWS family.

Thank you to the officers, board members, special committees (often a committee of one) and teachers.  How blessed we are to have these wonderful people donating their resources to us!  How extraordinary that these people generously give their time and talents to the CWS.

Are you considering a New Year’s resolution?  How about helping in some way to keep our club vital and active?

You could: 

  • Bring food for meetings
  • Donate handmade cards 
  • Help greet/check in guests
  • Invite others to be a guest
  • Help with artists demo or workshop 
  • Be part of organizing Spring/Winter banquet
  • Be our new Bag Lady (please!)
  • Say yes to a position that needs to be filled

The rewards are friendship, accomplishment and knowing you are making something really special possible! 

As we start 2021, consider pulling out the paints, pencils, glue, gesso, whatever!   Pull it out right now!  Are you sad? happy? anxious? hopeful? Put that into your art.  Don’t worry about rules and perfection – do something that pleases YOU.  

What are you waiting for?  Make this your time!  Your year!

Keep in touch!  Send Barbara Fife your creations to post on our webpage.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments.

And finally, may your 2021 be filled with love, laughter, art and friendship!

Darla Goldberg