First Place Painting

March 2017

Jude Caborn
Lynda Childs

Jude Caborn Lynda Childs

February 2017

Bonnie Ignico
Dick Krall

Bonnie Ignico Dick Krall

January 2017

Douglas Murray
Nancy Vallimont

Douglas Murray Nancy Vallimont

November 2016

Wanda Boyd
Lois Moore



Wanda Boyd Lois Moore

October 2016

Darla Goldberg
Cathryn Dunlap

Darla Goldberg Cathryn Dunlap

April 2016

Susan Jane Donohoe
Robert Taylor

Susan Jane Donohue Robert Taylor


March 2016

Mary Warren
Pat Otto


Mary Warren Pat Otto

February 2016

Darla Goldberg
Douglas Murray
(tied, First Place)

Darla Goldberg Douglas Murray


Pat Otto

Pat Otto  

January 2016

Susan Jane Donohoe
Yvonne Brunelle
(tied, First Place)


Susan Donohue Yvonne Brunelle

Douglas Murray

Douglas Murrary  

January 2015

Suzanne Mahr
JoAnn Boyd

Suzanne Mahr JoAnn Boyd

February 2015

Jude Caborn
Warren Ellstrom

Jude Caborn Warren Ellstrom

October 2015

Meredith Keene
Laurie Kansky

Meredith Keene Laurie Kansky

November 2015

Warren Ellstrom
Curt Bond

Warren Ellstrom Curt Bond

January 2014

Jude Caborn
Curt Bond

Jude Caborn Curt Bond

February 2014

Barbara Follett
Ida Bradley


Barbara Follett Ida Bradley

April 2014

Shirley Misekow
Warren Ellstrom

Shirley Misekow Warren Ellstrom

October 2014

Founders Award
Barbara Kerr
Curt Bond

Barbara Kerr Curt Bond

January 2013

Laurie Kansky
Lou Friedman

Laurie Kansky Lou Friedman

February 2013

Jude Caborn
Norm Freyer

Jude Caborn Norm Freyer

March 2013

Barbara Follett
JoAnn Boyd

Barbara Follett JoAnn Boyd

April 2013

Barbara Kerr
Suzanne Mahr

Barbara Kerr Suzanne Mahr

October 2013

Laurie Kansky
Glenda Ackley

Laurie Kansky Glenda Ackley

November 2013

Barbara Kerr
Lou Friedman

Barbara Kerr Lou Friedman


The contest is held in the months of
October, November, January, February, March, and April.
Members are encouraged to enter one original watercolor painting.
Votes cast by the membership determine the first and second choices.

Bring paintings BEFORE 11:30 AM

The first and second place paintings of the month are displayed at
Cadence Bank

301 US HWY 41, Inverness, FL


  1. You must be a current member of CWC. Previous winners in the club year (October-April) are ineligible.
    There must be at least five entries for competition to proceed.

  1. Paintings submitted must be ORIGINAL!!!! Must be your own composition, not copied. No computer art or prints.

  1. Must be watermedia done in an aqueous manner….that means that acrylic is acceptable if it looks like
    transparent watercolor. No other media except as very small accents.

  1. Must be painted on paper, treated paper, synthetic paper, or paper mounted on board. No canvas.

  1. Collage is acceptable only if it is done on paper painted by the artist with watermedia.
    Collage from printed material and photos not acceptable.

Please have your painting framed or ready to be framed…
i.e. matted and covered. There are no size or color restrictions on mats or frames.