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"The Bag Lady", Rosalie Haynes is moving and retiring from her long-held position as our "Bag Lady". Thank you, Rosalie for providing us with clear bags for our paintings and cards.

We need someone to step up and volunteer for this position as soon as possible, and to get the supplies from Rosalie.

















The Library Table

The Library continues to grow! We recently received many books in memory of member Sandra Drosz. Also, long-time and beloved member Jo Ann Boyd has donated many books from her library.  

Carolyn Park, who set up the library foundation, has worked tirelessly to catalog and organize the collection of books and DVDs, and to protect the book jackets with covers.For several years Carolyn headed up the committee to make suggestions to the Board in making the Library better. We hope that you appreciate and enjoy this wonderful library resource.

If you have questions, please contact Librarians:
Mary Warren, Delores Sierra, and Elaine Burton

Library Rules

1   All books, DVD and VCR items are due back in one month.

2   Members may check out two items each month.

3    A fine of $5.00 may be charged if a book, DVD or VCR is not returned or renewed for one additional month.

4   Member is responsible for replacing lost or damaged book, DVD or VCR with new or used item of same similar subject.

5   Shared magazines are not signed out and may circulate at meetings throughout the year.


Color Wheels

Pocket Color Wheels are available for purchase for $3.00

Clear Bags

Members are asked to order clear bags prior to the monthly meeting. Our "Bag Lady" will have your order ready for you at the bag table before the meeting.

Available sizes are

from..... TBA