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Presidents Message

A note from the president, Curt Bond

Curt BondI would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to the membership of CWS and thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as president.  Although I have been a member since 1992, I have never held an official position.  I was the keeper of the “RACKS” for about 10 years hauling them from storage and setting up for shows in Rainbow Springs …the Wildlife Park … Inverness Library … etc.
I have watched this little club of, when I joined, thirty some members grow to the large organization it is today.  Along the way, things have certainly changed … meeting in the small Whispering Pines building to the Methodist Church to this large facility we now occupy.  I feel one of the most impressive changes that has taken place is the quality of work that is being produced by this very talented group of artists. Yes, we are artists … I used to be kind of embarrassed to call myself that … I thought of artists in the vein of Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Salvador Dali and the like.  How can I call myself an artist compared to those Masters.  I have come to the realization that there are as many levels of art as there are artists.  Many of our member’s vocations were in one or another field of art.  I, as a sign painter, worked on billboards … wall signs … water towers … grain elevators and many other substrates. Back in the day we did all illustrations “BY HAND” from duplicating a Pepsi cap with water drops to portraits & landscapes.  I guess you could say I started out in oil paints …. One Shot Oil Based lettering enamel.  I am pretty sure this does not qualify me as an Oil Painter.  I have worked in pastels, acrylics, pen & ink and since joining CWS have been attempting watercolor. This medium we have chosen is, I feel, the most versatile of all paint mediums as you can paint in so many styles... loose, abstract, impressionist, realistic and etc.  In closing, thanks again for this opportunity and I look forward to the upcoming demos, workshops and shows that are on the agenda for 2017 through 2018 season.

Curt Bond                             

eptember Press Release

“Show and Tell” – Opportunities to Learn

Annuial Show and Tell

I find the content of the next meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Society to be one of the most interesting in the program year. This is when members of the society get a chance to view the latest creations of their fellow members. If past episodes of this format are any measure, this is when some splendid watercolor paintings make their appearance. This is when we see some of the work that will be award winners later this year. This is when we have seen presented works of art sold on the spot. So, we entitle this program “Show and Tell”. It’s an opportunity for our fellow artists to tell us about the basis for their creation, types of paints used, the colors that were selected, the choice of brushes and papers used, problems they may have encountered – and how they solved them. And, it is also an opportunity for members to provide helpful critique – and, as a result, you learn to be a better artist. I have been a member of an art critique group for many years, and speaking from personal experience, the critique of my art work, and that of others, has been a major learning source to me. Now I know this - there members out there that feel that their work is not fit for view or exhibit. Bring whatever you have, knowing that each of us had to start somewhere. And keep in mind that we are a friendly and helpful group of fellow artists. So – every member should bring their latest watercolor work of art for presentation in the “Show and Tell “program.

Looking ahead, there are some great programs scheduled, including October 13th demonstrator Kim Minichiello, ; November 10th demonstrator, Sharon Harris,; and December 8th demonstrator Jamie Cordero, following by two-day workshop Dec.9-10.

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**** Ocala Art Group Will Host Lynn Ferris ****

Shadow PlayLynn Ferris will present a demonstration and workshop at the Appleton Museum of Arts in Ocala for a Demonstration November 8, 2017 and Two Day Workshop Thursday Nov 9 and Friday November 10, 2017.

Click here to view and print the flyer for Lynn's workshop.


Darla Goldberg Workshop Jaimie Cordero Diane Simon Diane Simon Carol Frye Carol Frye Karlyn Holman Jaimie Cordero Members Annual Show and Tell Curt Bond Sharon Harris Kim Minichiello Darla Goldberg Demo August Demo Darla DemoWorkshop_Aug_2017

August Press Release

Watercolor Art as a Second Career

Darla GoldbergAs I review some of my past columns regarding artists I have been privileged to know, it is interesting to me, to note their choice of career prior to becoming recognized watercolorists. The late Dolores Witt was a fashion model for a leading manufacturer of swim suits; The late Bill Slinger, an FWS signature artist, was a practicing physician; Inverness artist Barbara Kerr worked in the U. S. Government; and Ocala artist Sue Primeau spent a career in Sales and Business Management. But when their careers matured they looked for other avenues and interests, finally settling, with compassion, on watercolor art and painting. Such is the case with Darla Goldberg, the demonstrator at the August meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Society. Darla followed a career as an Ocularist. Ocularistry is the art of making and fitting artificial eyes. So, during those years her canvas was about 12 mm wide. Each prosthetic eye is, in size shape and color, as unique as the person who would be wearing it. She comments, “Honestly, I don't remember ever not being an artist. I was forever drawing, painting and creating things (usually messy things!). My other lifetime passion is science. Many of my "experiments" then and since have been a blend of these two. And, as an adult I was blessed to be able to incorporate both art and science in my career as an Ocularist.” She continues, “Upon my retirement in 2001 I decided to concentrate on learning fine art. My paintings at this stage were mostly in oils. Then I discovered the Citrus Watercolor Society (CWS) and became fascinated with the watercolor medium. Classes, workshops and stacks of books were my mentors. Daily practice became a routine.” Darla has studied and attended workshops with nationally recognized watercolorists like Tom Jones, Janet Rogers, Mort Solberg, Ann Abgott, Sue Connor, Lynn Ferris, Joe Fettingis and Pat Weaver. Goldberg is a member of the Citrus Watercolor Society, an Associate Member of the Florida Watercolor Society (FWS) and Art Center of Citrus County. She is award winning artist at the Citrus County Fair, CWS annual exhibition, and the FWS On Line Show. To review her art work, go to  

Darla Goldberg will conduct a one-day workshop on Saturday, August 12 at the Whispering Pines community center. Contact Kim Shields for information. Price is $65 for members. The doors open at 8:30; the workshop starts at 9 AM. The focus of this Workshop will be creating textures such as Feathers and Fur. These lessons in texture can be used in a variety of ways. The goal is to have the class finish one painting in addition to some technique exercises.

July News

Citrus Watercolor Members Attend Workshop

Recently, several members of the Citrus Watercolor Society attended a workshop at the Dixon Ticonderoga Museum in Lake Mary. The company, which is most famous for the number 2 pencil many used in grade school, houses a museum containing original art of artists including Normal Rockwell.
The workshop was taught by the internationally known artist and teacher, Tom Jones.
Photo: Seated Tom Jones. L-R Pat Otto, Marie Sloan, Brenda Glenny, Susan Donohoe, Connie Phillips and Darla Goldberg

Dixon Ticonderoga Wkshp


Darla Goldberg Workshop Jaimie Cordero Diane Simon Diane Simon Carol Frye Carol Frye Karlyn Holman Jaimie Cordero Members Annual Show and Tell Curt Bond Sharon Harris Kim Minichiello Darla Goldberg Demo

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Members of the Citrus Watercolor Society enjoy a "Painting of the Month" competition in October, November, January, February, March and April. They have opportunities to show and sell their work, take workshops and participate in monthly sketch/paint-outs, etc. For more information about the meeting, or to become a member, call Jane Kegan (352) 527-6934, or see the CWS web site  The Citrus Watercolor Society meets at 12:00 Noon on the second Friday of every month, except July, at the Family Center of the 1st Christian Church of Inverness, 2018 Colonade Street, Inverness, FL. . (Learn more...)

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