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Monthly Meetings
Talented and well known artists demonstrate work
in water media at our monthly meetings at
First Christian Church, 2018 Colonade, Inverness, FL

Refreshments are offered from 11:30 - 12:00 PM.
Program begins at 12:00 PM.


Welcome Back

AUGUST 13, 2021 12 PM

Mark your calendars for our exciting return to monthly meetings on August 13th.  We are planning a fun meeting with door prizes, yummy snacks and treats and a 50/50 drawing.  Then add in a give -away of a Tom Jones painting, how great is that?

Excited yet?  How about an artist's sale and give away opportunity?  We all have supplies that we aren't using anymore.  Bring along any of the art supplies you want to sell or just give away.  

Tables will be ready, you are responsible for your own items.
We are asking for a 20% donation to CWS from any profits you make.  

No paintings, prints, cards or things like that.  This is strictly for paint, painting mediums, brushes, drawing supplies, paper, easels, palettes etc.

If you have not been vaccinated, please wear a mask to the meeting.

See you SOON!!!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

Meeting and


Members Show and Tell

OCTOBER 8, 2021

Meeting and Demonstration by

Glorious Flight

Marilyn Johansen- "Glory of Flight"


Marilyn teaches acrylic and watercolor painting in Fort Lauderdale. She brings her life experiences to her art, having lived from Belgium to Okinawa and places in between. Marilyn achieved a BA in Education and was a classroom teacher for 10 years. 

Marilyn is Second VP of the Miami Watercolor Society and past President of the Florida Watercolor Society and the Gold Coast Watercolor Society. Her work has been accepted into many State, National and International Exhibitions.  She has signature status membership with Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Miami Watercolor Society and the Palm Beach Watercolor Society, Florida Watercolor Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Watercolor Society of Alabama and the Southern Watercolor Society. Soldier

Her painting End of Day is featured in Northlight Books SPLASH 20, Creative Composition. She has been published in local newspapers and in Watercolor Artist Magazine. Her paintings are found in private collections in the US, Canada and Europe.

Marilyn paints in Series. Her various series includes Birds, Soldiers Stories, Portraits of Family and Friends, Asian and scenes that convey a moment in time.

Her Soldier Stories Series of paintings has been on a continuous traveling exhibition in South Florida since 2016, honoring our US military.

Marilyn Johansen -"The Great War"

2-Day Workshop
OCTOBER 9-10, 2021

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NOVEMBER 12, 2021

Meeting and Demonstration by

Barbara Kerr


“Oops!”    The demo covers common mistakes my students (and I ) have made  while painting. Sometimes, in our enthusiasm to create masterpieces we “ forget the forest for the trees”.  We fall in love with the subject matter and can’t wait to paint that lovely still life, portrait, or landscape.   The basic foundations of a good painting are forgotten in our zeal .  Then, when we put our wonderful work up on an easel for final inspection, we say “Oops”  (Some of us might use stronger language at this time). Correcting the mistakes is often tedious and can be impossible.  Some of the original joy is gone.  


Barbara has lived in Citrus County for more than 20 years after relocating from Annapolis, MD. She graduated with honors from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Education. She retired from a 24-year career in the Department of Defense in MD, and for many years taught intermediate watercolor classes at The Art Center of Citrus County. Barbara availed herself of any available art classes (the University of Maryland, American University, St. John’s College, and Anne Arundel Community College). She has studied with more than 20 nationally recognized watercolor artists in classes and workshops. She has conducted an Open Studio at the Florida Artists Gallery in Floral City. Barbara has judged numerous art events in Citrus County and she has demonstrated for the Citrus Watercolor Society, the Ocala Art Group, The Villages Art League, and The High-Country Water Media Society in Boone, NC. Barbara has conducted numerous one-person art shows in Central Florida: at the College of Central Florida, Lecanto Campus, East Wall Gallery; Citrus County Art League, the Art Center Theater, The Chronicle Office and Lakes Region Library, Inverness, FL; Brooksville City Hall, Brooksville, and Gallery East, Belleview, FL.

Barbara is a Past President, Ocala Art Group; Past President, Citrus Watercolor Society; and Past Program Chairman, The Art Center of Citrus County. She is a member of The Nature Coast Painters and the Citrus Watercolor Society. Barbara’s paintings have won numerous awards. You can find Barbara’s paintings exhibited in many galleries, such as Lorna Jean Gallery, Crystal River; Your Art’s Desire Gallery, Spring Hill, FL; The Florida Artists Gallery, Floral City, and the River Gallery, Galesville, MD.

Excerpted from The Chronicle, Press Release by Norman Freyer


DECEMBER 10, 2021


Tom Jones


Tom Jones Bio


1-Day Workshop
DECEMBER 11, 2021

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JANUARY 14, 2022

Meeting and Demonstration by


Frank Zampardi is a retired art instructor/artist who taught for over 30 years in Central New York. After retiring in 1998, Frank began creating works of art foFrank Zampardicusing on drawing personalized portraits and wildlife subjects. While residing in New York state, his works received numerous awards in; The Central New York Adirondack Art Shows, Central New York Arts Council, The Utica, New York Art Association, the New York State Fair Wildlife Exhibit. Frank was also honored at the prestigious Munson-Williams Art Museum Exhibits. His works have appeared in The McKenzie Gallery in Corning, New York, The Smithey and The Cooperstown Art Galleries in Cooperstown, New York. His works appeared in a One Person Art Show at the 531 Art Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida and at the Appleton Museum in Ocala, Florida. He has garnered numerous art awards in The Villages, Florida and has two of his works published in “Strokes of Genius 5”, published by North Light Books. He has expertise in two-dimensional media, and taught 27 different courses at the Life Long Learning College. Presently he teaches at The Enrichment Academy and is an active member of the Visual Arts Association, The Villages Art league, The Colored Pencil Painter’s Guild, The Colored Society of America and Wet ‘n Wild Watercolor group. He is frequently asked to demonstrate, critique and lecture at various art organizations. His works can be viewed on Fine Art America and Frank Zampardi Fine Artist.

1-Day Workshop
January 15, 2022

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FEBRUARY 11, 2022

Meeting and Demonstration by
Kathy Durdin

"Lavender and Old Lace" by Kathy Durdin


I am constantly looking for inspiration in the world around me. I keep a camera with me at all times, looking for images that touch me emotionally. I look for that emotional reaction when I am deciding what to paint.I particularly like painting people. I find interesting people, situations and images all the time. I rarely work on posed situations, as I find informal interaction much more interesting. I am always trying to capture that one spark about the person that makes the painting come alive. I go to life drawing classes whenever possible to practice drawing, as I think that a good drawing is an important framework oKathy Durdinf any painting.

One of my other passions is color. I love seeing how color drives emotion and how different colors blend and mingle on paper. I love to experiment with color, combining unusual, unexpected color combinations and inviting my viewers to connect colors rather than mixing them on her palette.

I grew up with art, as my mother was an artist. However, after graduating college, except for a year in the early 1980s when I took a couple courses at my local community college, I confined my involvement in art to visiting museums and studying exhibitions. I started painting again in 2003, and have been working consistently at it since then.

I have always loved watercolor as a medium ­ while it is very unforgiving, its freshness cannot be replicated. I am work very hard to loosen up my brushstrokes, to take advantage of the characteristics of the medium.

I am a signature member of Florida, Southern, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Tallahassee and Florida Suncoast Watercolor Societies. I was featured in the 2013 Watercolor Artists’ “Ones to Watch.” I was also the 2012 President of Florida Watercolor Society and am its current Director of Operations. My work is in permanent collections in Florida at Tampa General and the President’s Collection at the College of William and Mary. I am also on the Board of Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts, and President of Tampa Regional Artists.  In my "day job", I am a coach and leadership develop consultant -- see my work website,


2-Day Workshop
February 12-13, 2022

for details see Workshop page


MARCH 11, 2022

Meeting and Demonstration

Lionel sanchez


ABOUT LIONEL SANCHEZLionel_Demonstration

I was a kid when my older brother would draw for me. I was fascinated with what he could do with a pencil and my fascination has grown into a passion and a sense of necessity ever since. Drawing and painting are necessary for my life. I have turned this passion into painting. When viewing my work, you will see sketches, or drawings if you will, with the utilization of abstract shapes. This is the process of my work.
My past years worth of life experiences and challenges are evidenced in my paintings. I have been a draftsman and project manager for 31 years and now in my retirement teach watercolor workshops. Employing the elements and principles of design, I strive for good composition.
My goal is to spark an interest in my work, perhaps a sense of the wonderment that I feel when I complete what I deem to be a successful piece; an emotional connection that opens a dialogue between artist and viewer.
I am always eager to share and discuss my paintings with others in hopes that each piece will elicit an emotional response and a desire to investigate the painting further.
My mediums are graphite, acrylic, pen and ink with watercolors being my primary medium. I prefer to paint en plein-air with photography as studio reference . . . and, of course, imagination!
Lionel P. Sanchez

2-Day Workshop
March 12-13, 2022

for details see Workshop page


APRIL 8, 2022

Meeting and Demonstration by



MAY 13, 2022

and Demonstration