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April 2019 1st Place
Susan StrawbridgeSusan Strawbridge

2nd Place
Wanda Boyd
Wanda Boyd



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Presidents Message

A note from the president, Wanda Boyd

Wanda BoydSeptember, 2019

I'd like to start my message this month with a big shout out to three of our club members, Pauline Boston, Peg LeFebvre and Kim Shields.  All three have been accepted into the 2019 Florida Watercolor Society Exhibition, and in addition, Pauline has been give the Cheap Joe's/Legion Paper/American Frame Awards and Kim the President's Award/Chartpak Award.  Congratulations to you all and I look forward to seeing you at the convention later this month. 

The program for the September meeting is one of my favorites – show and tell.  Every year I am delighted to see work done by the members of Citrus Watercolor Society.  We bill ourselves as “the friendliest little watercolor club anywhere” but I’d make “and the most talented” our tagline if I could.  Please bring something you’ve done this past year so we can all see an example of where you are in your art journey.  It really is a great display and a great opportunity to bond with your fellow artists.

Speaking of opportunities . . .

Don’t forget our wonderful Art in the Wildlife Park coming up on Saturday and Sunday, November 16 and 17.  Start pulling your best work together and get ready to sell, sell, sell!
This year we will also be raffling off an original Tom Jones watercolor painting graciously donated by Jane Kegan. 

More opportunities . . . 
Celebrating its 49th year on November 2 and 3, the Inverness Festival of the Arts is the longest-running juried art show in Citrus County. Located in beautiful downtown Inverness, 100+ art exhibits and vendors surround the historic old courthouse with a wide variety of fine art, mixed media, photography, 3D, original work in metal, clay, glass, textiles, wood, leather and more. This show focuses on high-quality artwork and provides awards and prizes to selected artists.  This festival attracts between 3,000 and 4,000 visitors.

The event specialist, Gina Lamar, has offered us a free booth advertising CWS at no charge in exchange for booth sitting for other artists needing a short break.  We would be able to show some of our work in the booth as well as advertise Citrus Watercolor Society and our workshops. 

In order to make this happen we will need twelve volunteers to help with the various tasks involved, including putting up the tent and display racks, taking turns sitting in our booth as well as booth sitting for other artists, tearing down the tent and display racks, etc.  In exchange for volunteering you will get to display some of your work in the Citrus Watercolor Society booth. 
If you are interested in being the lead for this big club adventure, or if you are interested in being on the team, please let me know by emailing me at  It truly is a wonderful opportunity to show our art, grow our club and sell our workshops. 

But wait, there’s even more . . . 

There are two volunteer positions at Citrus Watercolor Society that need to be filled.  One is as the club historian.  This position requires someone pretty good at taking pictures and pretty good at organizing those pictures into a club scrapbook. If you like taking pictures and are outgoing, this is the one for you!  
The second volunteer position is the person that makes phone reminders to people that have promised to bring refreshments to the meeting.  If there is an easier volunteer position than this I do not know what it is.  If you’d like to dip your toe in the volunteer water, this is the one for you! 
If you are interested in either of these opportunities let me know.  I look forward to seeing you all at the next club meeting scheduled for Friday, September 13.

Wanda Boyd
(804) 536-1794

September Press Release

Show and Tell – An Opportunity

Mel Rustom - Winner of Founders Award 2019
Mel Rustom - Winner of the Founders Award 2019

To view a collage of the participants in the Annual Show & Tell, click here.

The program on September 13th is entitled, “Show and Tell”. It provides an opportunity for our fellow Citrus Watercolor Society (CWS) artists to exhibit their artwork to the group as a whole and tell about the basis for their watercolor creation, the types of paints used, the colors that were selected, the choice of brushes and papers used, problems they may have encountered – and how they solved them. I have written about this program in previous submissions to the Chronicle, and after struggling to present the program in a new light, I must come back to the reason that the CWS continues the program in September of each year. Members of the society, old and new alike, get a chance to present their creations to their fellow artists. The meeting format allows some outstanding watercolor paintings make their appearance. The works of our member artists are impressive, and they get better each year. It is also an opportunity for members to praise and to provide helpful critique. No need to be afraid of exhibiting your personal masterpiece. This is a casual setting and we are a friendly and helpful group. I am a member of a group of artists that meet weekly to critique the art of other members of the group. Over time, I have learned more about how to improve the work that I create, all from the discussions and critique that occurs. I think that you will find that there is an appreciation for the time and effort that each artist has put into the creative piece of artwork. You will feel good about presenting your work to the CWS members. And remember, “Favorable comments and praise are always good for the ego”. After review of all the artwork is presented, the Society will present the Founders cash award of $50 to the winning artist exhibiting at this meeting.

Looking ahead, there are some great programs scheduled, including on October 11th, the will be demonstrator Libit Jones, , followed by a two-day workshop on Oct. 12 & 13; on November 8th he demonstrator is Lynn Ferris, “Capturing the Light”, and two-day workshop on is November 9 and 10; and December 10th demonstrator Tom Jones, followed by one-day workshop Dec. 11.


August Press Release

Character Portraits in Watercolor

Oeggy Lefebvre DemoIt is refreshing to see new approaches in the world of watercolor, instead of the same old, same old. After viewing some of Peggy Lefebvre’s work over the last year- some great portraits! Peggy will be the demonstrator at the Citrus Watercolor Society meeting on August 9th. She relates that, “Brilliant colors are what originally attracted me to watercolor painting. Dad introduced me to the medium at the kitchen table when I was six years old. That love of vibrant color is a cornerstone of my work to this day.” She continues, “Sculpting convincing images on a two-dimensional surface is another primary pursuit of my work.  Much of my bachelors study was in three-dimensional art. Re-immersing myself in 3-D and mentally seeing the subject in the round helps guide my brush to form sculptural images. One challenge is to avoid sacrificing the vibrancy of the color in the quest of modeling a form.” Three years ago, Peg decided that she would overcome her phobia of portraits. Faces had always been a challenge and every attempt had produced disappointing results. Now she is a “face junky”. She takes photos of complete strangers if they have interesting faces, collecting resource material for her work. What was once a challenge has become a passion. Producing interesting and vibrant portraits does not have to be a mystery. She will break down the process into a series of steps and techniques that she uses to create lively, believable portraits.

Recently, her work is driven toward telling the story that she sees/feels/imagines in a particular subject.  She strives to communicate what she found to be important about the person or event. It is exhilarating when a viewer comments on the subject’s personality or occupation, involving themselves in the story that I narrated through paint.

Peg is a member of Citrus Watercolor Society and attributes much of her artistic development to the programs and support that CWS has provided. She lives in The Villages, Florida and Passignano, Italy and exhibits in group shows in both countries. You can view her work via her website at

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Members of the Citrus Watercolor Society enjoy a “Painting of the Month” competition in October, November, January, February, March and April. They have opportunities to show and sell their work, take workshops and participate in monthly sketch/paint-outs, etc. For more information about the meeting, or to become a member, call Marie Sloan (352) 322-0002, or Wanda Boyd, (804) 536-1794, email: or see the CWS web site at  The Citrus Watercolor Society meets at 12:00 Noon on the second Friday of every month, except July, at the Family Center of the 1st Christian Church of Inverness, 2018 Colonade Street, Inverness, FL.... . . Learn more...)

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