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Painting of the Month
The first and second place paintings of the month are displayed at
Cadence Bank in Inverness,
301 S US HWY 41
(Junction of Rtes 41 and 44)
APRIL 2018
First Place
Gingi MartinGingi Martin 1st Place
Second Place
Suzanne Mahr

Suzanne Mahr - 2nd place

photos of POM winners courtesy of
Norm Freyer


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Presidents Message

A note from the president, Curt Bond

Curt BondApril, 2018           

Spring has sprung and all is good in the world.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter & Passover.  April should prove to be a great month for the Citrus Watercolor Society.
Ruby Swarzchild
was certainly an interesting demonstrator last month …this month should be very interesting as well……Diane G. Simon.  She paints a wide variety of subject matter from soup to nuts …as they say. I am excited to see her demo this month. She will be giving a 2 day workshop at Whispering Pines Saturday & Sunday. 

Please pay your annual dues by the April 2018 meeting so everyone can be listed in the new membership book..  Also, the May luncheon can be paid at the meeting and you can pick your entrée. Hope to see a nice turnout for the meeting and Happy Spring to all.

Curt Bond  

 April Press Release

Mastering watercolor - Anything is possible if the attitude is willing

Diane G. SimonAnother in the long list of fine Florida watercolorists visits the Citrus Watercolor Society meeting on Friday, March 13th meeting. The society welcomes Sun City artist Diane G. Simon as demonstrator. While wandering through Diane’s three on-line galleries, I was fascinated by her wide variety of subjects. Nothing seems to escape her search to paint something new and different - another critter, plant, tool, building, auto part, vegetable or happy hour. My kind of artist! One who will never get stuck in rut painting the same thing. Diane has been painting since she was a child. She has taken some formal training in pottery at Edinboro University, tole painting classes thru Penn State, and watercolor techniques from instructors in Sun City Center and workshops and classes through the Art Center Manatee in Bradenton. Regardless of her background, she has almost always had a paint brush in her hand. She was trained in high school in oil, she dabbled in some acrylics in the interim, but when she moved to Florida in 2004, it seemed that watercolor was the newest challenge. Frustration aside, the experts are probably correct, it has also been a longer learning or perhaps unlearning curve to master the medium. She says, “I love to paint with vibrant colors—sometimes still thinking more in the intensity of oil than watercolor, but still having to master the amount of water versus paint on paper to achieve the end result. Orange is my favorite color and is quite often found somewhere in my paintings.” If there is a challenge involved, this is her focal point of the month. It might be a tree in silhouette all done in blue or it might be a pet that someone holds near and dear. Abstract just isn’t her art form, but then again, painting with a rigger isn’t for the faint of heart either. Diane has been teaching watercolor classes in Kings Point, Sun City Center, for over 10 years. She started out with approximately 15 students and now has a minimum of 50 in her classes with a waiting list. She also teachers at both the Art Center Manatee and a small community called Tree Lakes in Palmetto. Many of her students just keep coming back for more and more—which also challenges her to keep the subject matter fresh, the classes exciting and new, and providing skills that everyone will both learn and succeed in their endeavor. Diane’s work has been part of the Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition in 2010, 2015 and 2016. Diane is a Signature Member of the Florida Watercolor Society, Signature Member of the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society, and member of Kings Point Art League, Sun City Center Art League, and the Art Center Manatee. You can view her artwork on her web site at

Two-Day Workshop
April 14-15, 2018

Diane Simon will be teaching a two-day workshop at the Whispering Pines facility in Inverness, FL on Saturday, April 14, 2018 and Sunday, April 15, 2018.
For information on the workshop call Heather Doherty at 352-873-1656.


Looking Ahead...

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Recent Programs

March Peress Release

Demonstrator Moves from Culinary Art to Watercolor Art

Ruby SchwarzchildThe State of Florida has an abundant list of accomplished watercolor artists. There is no shortage of those artists who are available and willing to provide demonstrations and workshops that exhibit the various painting media and expression to fellow artists. The demonstrator at the March 9th meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Society (CWS) will be Lakeland artist Ruby Schwarzschild. She is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University with a Culinary Degree. This was followed with a 26-year career as an Executive Chef and Owner of a catering company. In 2007 she turned her attention to watercolor art, with watercolor and acrylic paints on paper including Yupo. Ruby has attended workshops and classes with many well-known artists. The results are shown both in her artwork and inclusion in the 44th Annual Florida Watercolor Society (FWS) Exhibition. She is an Appointed Director of the Florida Watercolor Society. Ruby has served for the last eight years as the FWS Convention Facilitator, managing each convention efficiently and effectively. You can view Ruby’s work on the following web site:

Photos of Ruby Schwarzchild's Demo on YUPO, March 9, 2018

Photographer - Norm Freyer

Ruby Schwarzchild Demo on YUPO


Spring Art Show at Homosassa Springs

During February, the Citrus Watercolor Society (CWS) held its annual show and sale at the Ellie Schiller Homosassa State Wildlife Park. This was the 25th Annual Spring Show & Sale held on the park premises. During this period CWS artists have contributed a percentage totaling $12,000 of all artwork sales during the shows to the Friends of the Homosassa Wildlife Park. The juried portion of the show was judged by Lorna Jean Thunderhorse. The awards to artists and their paintings were as follows:
Best of Show – “Montauk Point” by Douglas Murray, of Hernando;
First Place – “Night Journey” by Laurie Kansky of Hernando;
Second Place – “Mac’s Market” by Chuck Chesnul of Floral City;
Third Place – “Lead Rhythm Guitar”, by Kim Shields of Inverness;
Honorable Mention – “End of Day” by Susan Strawbridge of Inverness; and Honorable Mention - “Palm Island” by Helene Lancaster of Crystal River;
The President’s Award – “Market Day in Martel” by Heather Doherty, of Ocala.

To view photos of the Winning Paintings click here.

February Press Release

“Building” a Vibrant Watercolor Painting

Carol FryeThere is a special treat for those attending the February 9, 2018 meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Society, because the scheduled demonstrator is multimedia artist, Carol Frye. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Carol, but I am quite familiar with her artwork. It has been a consistent qualifying entry into the Florida Watercolor Society annual exhibitions. For instance, since 2004 her work has appeared in nine of the last thirteen exhibitions, including the 2017 event. In her biography she states, “Having painted landscapes and still life for many years in a variety of mediums, my work has evolved from realism to abstraction, miniatures to murals. Born in Pennsylvania, majored in art education and moved on. Marriage, motherhood, years of travel with my now retired military husband, and several personal challenges gave strength to the foundation of both life and art. Since moving to Florida in 1994 I have become active in the art community, giving demonstrations, teaching workshops and offering private classes in many media.”

She continues,” Strong paintings with vibrant strokes of color, bold calligraphy and brilliant foils invite you to share my passion for the painting process. As a multimedia artist, most current works are both experimental and intuitive. For me, painting is really a spiritual process and each painting seems to flow and grow, layer upon layer quite naturally”. Carol identifies herself as a layerist, her term for the way in which her paintings are “built” and not gently stroked into being. Primarily working in watercolor, Frye recently began to combine gesso with her watercolor pigments to give more substance and body to the applications of paint. The resulting painted surface permitted her to scratch into it with colored pencils and tools to bring sharper definition to loosely composed foundation areas.

A consistent award winner, her paintings have been included in Local, State, Regional, National and International Competitions. Her work has been published in several national art magazines including Watercolor Magic, American Artist and Watercolor Magazine. Her professional memberships include National Watercolor Society (NWS), Florida Watercolor Society (FWS), International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA), the Texas Watercolor Society (TWS), and several others. Carol’s paintings can usually be seen in major art competitions throughout central Florida. She does a limited number of outdoor shows each year and has been represented by several galleries. Carol Frye’s work can be seen on the following web site:

Two-Day Workshop with Carol Frye

Carol Frye will conduct a two-day workshop at the facility at the Whispering Pines Park in Inverness, FL. For information contact Mary Ann Hollars at 352-694-3814, or see the CWS web site at


January Press Release

Watercolor-The Spirit of Spontaneity

Karlyn HolmanThe 2017 fall program of talented artists that have appeared in demonstrations and workshops at the Citrus Watercolor Society (CWS) have been superb! And the first visiting artist in 2018, Karlyn Holman, is no exception. This is another “must see” for all members of the CWS. Karlyn will demonstrate at the Friday, January 12 meeting of the CWS. She is an internationally recognized artist, author and art instructor. She has owned and operated an art gallery since 1968. She is a prolific artist with a busy teaching schedule. Nature is the driving force in her paintings, whether abstract or realistic. Karlyn has a loose, spontaneous painting style and an energetic, encouraging teaching style. She has an MA in Art from the University of Wisconsin and has taught at the college level for ten years. She makes her home in Washburn, Wisconsin.

She remarks, “Watercolor has always intrigued me. I enjoy the challenge of trying to control this elusive medium and I love the luminosity that transparent paint can produce. Watercolor is a balancing act between control and spontaneity. My most successful workshops are those in which I offer guided instruction as a basis for creating a look of spontaneity. Once armed with knowledge and mastery of basic Karlyntechniques, you will be able to venture into the fascinating world of watercolor and mixed media. If you study and understand color theory, learn what each brush can do, and most importantly, develop an attitude of taking risks, you will be able to freely explore without boundaries.”

Karlyn Holman has had a studio-gallery for over 41 years and enjoys a full schedule of teaching workshops and painting in her studio. Karlyn’s watercolor paintings reflect a special kind of exuberance for her native area of Lake Superior and her travels around the world. Her paintings could be described as realism based on abstract structure. She has illustrated five children’s picture books. She has written three books on watercolor techniques, “Watercolor-The Spirit of Spontaneity”, “Watercolor Fun and Free”, and “Searching for the Artist Within”. Karlyn has taught on location in England, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Guatemala, Greece, France, Portugal, Austria, Yucatan, China, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Croatia, The Czech Republic, New Zealand and on three cruises in the Caribbean. You can see Karlyn Holman’s work at this web site:


December Press ReleaseGifted Watercolorist Demonstrates at Watercolor Society

Jaimie CorderoEvery once in a while, one runs into someone who has a very special talent. One who also possesses an impressive bio that is almost breathtaking. And one whose artwork makes you stop and say, Wow! This is the best way to describe Jaimie Cordero, the watercolorist who will demonstrate at the December 8th luncheon meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Society. Jaimie Cordero grew up in Pennsylvania, the daughter of a talented musician/composer father, and fine artist mother. She was an art major in high school, studied Indian folk art and art history in college, and was mentored in watercolor painting by Mel Stabin, Judy Morris, Betsy Dillard-Stroud and Jean Grastorf. She is an award-winning watercolor artist from Miami, Florida. Jaimie’s works have been featured in numerous publications and books, including the Splash series, and Watercolor Artist magazines. She has exhibited in the American Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society, Rocky Mountain National Watermedia, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, San Diego Watercolor Society, Florida Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, the Salmagundi Club, the Florida Museum of Women Artists Inaugural Exhibition, American Artists Professional League, Northwest Watercolor Society, Southern Watercolor Society, and holds signature membership in several of these Societies. Her passion is traveling to exotic locales, wandering quaint backroads and villages and finding inspiration to paint the way in which the sunlight there catches the local architecture and byways. Her painting collections include series done in Bermuda, Spain, South Florida, the Caribbean, Colombia and Bucks County, PA. Jaimie is the resident watercolor artist at Pinecrest Gardens Aquarelle Studios located in Pinecrest, Florida. She is a busy working mom putting her two gifted sons through college. While winding down her career as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, she teaches watercolor classes locally and workshops throughout Florida and the U.S. Jaimie is known for her signature style of brushless watercolor painting achieved by pouring and layering transparent layers of paint, and using a split primary method of color combining, an approach which has garnered her many awards and recognition. You can see her work at her web site or

Two Day Workshop with Jaimie Cordero

Jaimie Cordero will conduct a two-day workshop at the Whispering Pines recreation building on Saturday, December 9, and Sunday, December 10, 2017. Cost of the two-day workshop is $135 for members, and 165 for non-members. For information click here to go to the Workshops page, or contact Helene Lancaster at 352-257-1261, or email at


Fall Art Show and Sale

To view photos of the winning paintings at the Homosassa Springs Fall Art Show.. November 18-19, 2017 here...

photos courtesy of Norm Freyer


Art as a Narrative of an Experience

Sharon HarrisThe demonstrator at the November 10th meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Society (CWS) is Citrus County artist Sharon Harris. Sharon did her undergraduate work in the Art Department at Texas Tech University and completed a Bachelor of Science at Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, with a double major in Industrial Art and Fine Art. Though art was always a part of her life, after college she pursued a career as a project architect for nationally known AE firms, followed by ownership of a design/build contracting company, Pro Designs, Inc. Upon retirement in 1998, she and her husband, Mac Harris, moved to Citrus County from North Carolina. Sharon served as Vice President and then as the President of the Art Center of Citrus County during which time she was instrumental in building the Art Center Theatre and enlarging/renovating the Art & Education Building on the Art Center Campus. She now spends time in her painting and pottery studios, teaching, is house manager for the Theatre and Director of the Youth Programs in art and drama at the Art Center. Regarding her artwork, she comments, “My paintings are a narrative of an experience. My goal is to visually tell a story by giving the viewer enough information to bring them into the picture, so they can explore the sense of time and place of the moment in the painting”. She continues, “I look for forms of movement, and I use the picture planes perspective to either pull the viewer in, or let them stand outside as an observer. She has received critical acclaim for her artworks in drawing, painting, pottery and sculpture throughout the Southeast; at the North Carolina Museum of Art (Raleigh), and throughout North Carolina, as well as In Oklahoma and the Truman State University in Missouri. In Florida her works have received critical acclaim at the Appleton Museum in Ocala, and other sites. Sharon is a member of the Acrylic Painters of Florida; Women Painters of the Southeast; Appleton Museum of Art; The Naples Association; The Visual Arts Society of Ocala; The Ocala Art Group, The Art Center of Citrus County and The Citrus County Watercolor Society. You can view Sharon’s work on her web site at



Watercolor Art Inspired by People and Cultures

Kim Minichiello

I enjoy writing the monthly column for the Citrus Watercolor Society (CWS), because it is used primarily to introduce the artist demonstrator for the scheduled society monthly meeting. Over the years, I have been privileged to personally meet many of our demonstrators prior to the writing of the column. And so, I find it easy to generate the background information written. But this month I find the column a bit more challenging, because I am not familiar with her or her work. Our demonstrator this month will be Windermere, Florida artist, Kim Minichiello. Kim has been extremely successful in her career as an artist and business person. Her bio is impressive, her work is colorful, powerful, and with an international flavor. Regarding her background she comments, “From the earliest age I can remember, I have been designing and creating. From painting, drawing and needlework, to creating gardens and refining my culinary skills, I have always found a broad variety of ways to express my creativity. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Design at Purdue University, my career in art and design has spanned over 30 years. As a designer for Walt Disney Imagineering, I designed shops, restaurants, and attractions for Disney theme parks in Paris, Tokyo, California and Florida. At the same time, I established myself as an accomplished Textile Artist, creating one of a kind garments, and painted and printed home furnishings shown in various galleries in the U.S., as well as creating and producing my own line of wearable art for children.” She continues, “Both my love of travel, and the opportunities that I have had to live and work in Paris, France and Hong Kong, China working with Disney, have brought me full circle as an artist back to my true passion of painting. Working in watercolor and oils, I draw inspiration from the amazing people and cultures I have had the pleasure of experiencing and living among. Whether visiting a temple in China or Japan, or many of the astounding museums in Paris and Europe, I have absorbed and studied the rich cultural heritage of these places that profoundly influence my work.” Kim is a signature member of the Georgia Watercolor Society, (GWS); the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, (PWS); and the Louisiana Watercolor Society, (LWS). She holds membership in the Florida Watercolor Society, Winter Garden Art Association, Urban Sketchers, Women Painters of the Southeast, American Women Artists, an Associate Member of the National Watercolor Society, an Associate Member of the American Watercolor Society, an Associate Member of the California Art Club, the Southern Watercolor Society, and the Central Florida Watercolor Society. You can view her work on her web site at              

July News

Citrus Watercolor Members Attend Workshop

Recently, several members of the Citrus Watercolor Society attended a workshop at the Dixon Ticonderoga Museum in Lake Mary. The company, which is most famous for the number 2 pencil many used in grade school, houses a museum containing original art of artists including Normal Rockwell.
The workshop was taught by the internationally known artist and teacher, Tom Jones.
Photo: Seated Tom Jones. L-R Pat Otto, Marie Sloan, Brenda Glenny, Susan Donohoe, Connie Phillips and Darla Goldberg

Dixon Ticonderoga Wkshp


Darla Goldberg Workshop Jaimie Cordero Diane Simon Diane Simon Carol Frye Carol Frye Karlyn Holman Jaimie Cordero Members Annual Show and Tell Curt Bond Sharon Harris Kim Minichiello Darla Goldberg Demo

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